Cooling Towers

Industrial grade, internationally certified cooling tower systems suitable for:

  • Hospitals, hotels, shopping malls
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Breweries
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Data Centers

Paralos undertakes the turn-key retrofit, refurbishment or procurement of any industrial cooling-tower project requirement. All our solutions are according to international, US and European industrial standards. Our EPCM approach (engineering-procurement-and-construction-management) includes:

  • Open circuit cross flow square cooling towers, open circuit counter flow square cooling towers, closed circuit cross low square cooling towers , closed circuit counter flow square cooling towers, as well as fully-customised solutions built on-site and based on available footprints
  • Designing and supplying standard, as well as custom-made solutions, according to customer operational requirements
  • Full thermal rating of the specific design conditions of the project, including “what-if” scenarios and water loss calculations
  • Selecting the optimal configuration for the specific project in terms of cooling tower type, materials selection, and subsystems suppliers
  • Taking responsibility for associated systems such as pumps, filtering system, water treatment system, electric and control panels, and heat exchangers
  • Providing the customer with 3D drawings of the cooling tower and all other components
  • Providing the customer with detailed P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagrams) for the designed systems
  • Supplying the cooling tower (or system) as per customer-approved drawings
  • Designing piping streamline
  • Designing and constructing any concrete cement structure, if required
  • Running finite element analyses for the specific cooling tower as per national regulations
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning of all project elements


YWCT Catalog EN 2 (Pdf)

FRPP_series_Brochure (Pdf)

Catalogue of YHD Series Open Circuit Counter-flow Cooling tower (pdf)

Catalogues for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (pdf)

Catalogues of YHW Series Open Circuit Cross Flow Cooling Tower (pdf)