• Detailed engineering
  • Construction of new production plants (including civil works)
  • Project management and supervision
  • Erection and infrastructure works
  • Technology appraisals
  • Equipment selection and procurement
  • Commissioning and performance tests
  • Process troubleshooting and solution development
  • Engineering design and specifications
  • Turnkey implementation and integration into production
  • BAT techniques for systems engineering, design and implementation
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning
  • Operational  troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Treatment and neutralisation of heavily polluted wastewater
  • Zero Liquid Disposal (ZLD) systems
  • Solids removal processes
  • Recycling of wastewater in industrial processes
  • Reduction of waste volume for final safe disposal
  • Meeting all current legislative restrictions and requirements (national and international)
  • Heavy Fuel Oil, Marine Fuel Oil and Marine Diesel Oil liquid waste treatment systems
  • Expansion of kiln‘s operation time
  • Reduced mechanical tension
  • Almost no noise emission
  • Fast, but carefully controlled cooling down
  • Very low energy consumption (2–50W)
  • Energy savings


Kiln shell cooling by water evaporation_CEMENT INTERNATIONAL

Industrial grade, internationally certified cooling tower systems suitable for:

  • Hospitals, hotels, shopping malls
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Breweries
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Data Centers

Paralos undertakes the turn-key retrofit, refurbishment or procurement of any industrial cooling-tower project requirement. All our solutions are according to international, US and European industrial standards. Our EPCM approach (engineering-procurement-and-construction-management) includes:

  • Open circuit cross flow square cooling towers, open circuit counter flow square cooling towers, closed circuit cross low square cooling towers , closed circuit counter flow square cooling towers, as well as fully-customised solutions built on-site and based on available footprints
  • Designing and supplying standard, as well as custom-made solutions, according to customer operational requirements
  • Full thermal rating of the specific design conditions of the project, including “what-if” scenarios and water loss calculations
  • Selecting the optimal configuration for the specific project in terms of cooling tower type, materials selection, and subsystems suppliers
  • Taking responsibility for associated systems such as pumps, filtering system, water treatment system, electric and control panels, and heat exchangers
  • Providing the customer with 3D drawings of the cooling tower and all other components
  • Providing the customer with detailed P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagrams) for the designed systems
  • Supplying the cooling tower (or system) as per customer-approved drawings
  • Designing piping streamline
  • Designing and constructing any concrete cement structure, if required
  • Running finite element analyses for the specific cooling tower as per national regulations
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning of all project elements

YWCT Catalog EN 2 (Pdf)

FRPP_series_Brochure (Pdf)

Catalogue of YHD Series Open Circuit Counter-flow Cooling tower (pdf)

Catalogues for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (pdf)

Catalogues of YHW Series Open Circuit Cross Flow Cooling Tower (pdf)


Our Company can quickly and efficiently create accurate, information based 3D models of manufacturing or processing plants, using aerial drones (UAV) and advanced software, in mm detail. These models can be used for Maintenance, Reconstruction, Repair, Shifting or Audits.

The 2D and 3D Models can be presented in digital formats, including fully editable AUTOCAD drawings, for best utilisation.

Plant Modeling Services

  1. Manufacturing Plants
  2. Oil and Gas Plant
  3. Cement Plants
  4. Steel Industries
  5. Distillation Plant
  6. Chemical Refineries
  7. Food Processing Plants

Applications of Plant 3D Modeling

  1. Repair and Maintenance Management
  2. Planning and Designing for Reconstruction or shifting
  3. Safety and Risk Management Audits
  4. Virtual Tours for Staff and Visitors
  5. Asset Management for financial audits, New Purchases, Selling of old equipment and Materials

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PARALOS provides specialized Operation & Maintenance Services both for industrial and energy installations. Our services include routine, preventive and predictive maintenance, focusing on safely reducing costs, improving efficiencies, raising quality and increasing productivity.

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Thriving to serve its significant customer base, we have created Paralos Marine & Industry / Supply & Engineering S.A. as a separate entity in order to satisfy the needs of our customers for quality products, services, systems and supplies in the fields of:

• Gas & Alcohol Detectors
• Personal Protection & Personal Equipment
• Inspection, Monitoring & Maintenance Equipment and
• Fire Detection & Protection.

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