Company Presentation

Paralos S.A. is dedicated to providing engineering design, procurement, supplies, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance services for the Industry, Energy and Marine sectors, on a turnkey basis.

Paralos’ proven track record since 2004, its technological and technical knowhow and field expertise in all required disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, industrial processes and automation, combined with effective project management, ensure the successful implementation not of any project at hand, including projects that require the highest degree of engineering specialisation.

Paralos continuously invests in researching, engineering and developing of new products, services and solutions, in the fields of its activities.

The Story Behind the Name…

In the days of the Golden Age of the Athenian Democracy around 500BC, a single piece of marine engineering stood out above the rest and allowed Athens to thrive: the trireme, a three-tier of rower warship, a formidable vessel whose speed, agility and maneuverability ensured not only the survival of Hellenism and Western Civilisation in the Persian wars but its gradual expansion and dominance throughout the known world, spreading culture and commerce from the depths of Asia to the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel’s design truly pushed the technological limits of the ancient world.

Of the Athenian fleet, two ships were dubbed sacred and performed special government functions for the Athenian Democracy: Paralos and Salaminia, whose tasks included embassies and diplomatic missions, transportation of prominent Athenian citizens and other important state business around the then known world.

It is in the spirit of this engineering feat and to honour the great entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit that curved new frontiers of civilisation and cultural exchange that we have chosen the name Paralos for our company: always striving to apply engineering excellence to achieve the desired goals.