Ultima® MOS-5E Gas Sensor

The ULTIMA MOS-5E Hydrogen Sulphide Addressable Transmitter is a highly reliable, self contained, micro processor-controlled single point monitor with integral 3 digit readout. It is designed to measure and display concentrations of H2S in three ranges: 0-20 ppm, 0-50 ppm or 0-100 ppm, but will continue to display concentrations up to 120 % FSD. The sensing element may be incorporated in the transmitter housing or remotely mounted at distances in excess of  600 m.

The ULTIMA MOS-5E user interface is menu driven. In addition the instrument may be addressed via the Dual ModBus RTU interface which is based on the RS-485 standard. The ModBus output provides status, alarm, fault and other information for operation, trouble-shooting or configuration of the unit.

  • RS-485 Dual ModBus Serial Interface in addition to 4-20 mA provides measurement, set-up and status of up to 247 nodes
  • 18.5-35 VDC operation allows longer cable runs and lower cost installation
  • User changeable H2S range enables convenient, flexible operation
  • 3 digit display shows over-scale readings and alarm status
  • Single-point calibration provides easy, fast and simple one-man calibration
  • Fully adjustable and configurable open collector outputs result in lower wiring cost and flexible operation