Hazard Detection in Gas Turbines & Pipeline Compressor Stations

Complete and integrated Flame and Gas detection and Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

Ideal for:

  • combustion (gas) turbines
  • natural gas and oil compression (pumping) stations
  • engines, including combustion turbines/centrifugal compressors, electric motors/centrifugal compressors, reciprocating engines/reciprocating compressors

Compliant with all Compressor Station Safety Regulations

  • Natural gas, Oil, Combustion Fuel Delivery Systems, Natural gas, Naphtha, Diesel, Hydrogen. Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil Systems, Lube oil, hydraulic oil
  • Acoustic enclosures installed to reduce ambient noise
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Potential hazardous gas levels
  • Gas leaks
  • Low O2, CO, H2S toxic gases detection

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