V-Gard® Arc Flash Protective Visors

When working on electrical systems you need a reliable arc flash face shield for your employees to ensure protection from all arc flash effects: high temperature, flying debris, powerful radiation. V-Gard Arc Flash Face Shield Visors provide certified protection according to latest European norms on arc flash face protection: GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7kA) and EN166 “8”. The combination V-Gard electrician face shield, retractable chin guard and electrician hard hat are one of most compact electrician set GS-ET-29 class 2 on the market!

  • Combining the highest European arc-flash protection level GS-ET-29 with maximum visibility
  • Patented injection moulded blend of dyes and nano particles in a polycarbonate matrix
  • Superior protection from electric arc, convective heat, high temperatures, flying debris and UV radiation
  • Certifications: GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7 kA), EN166, EN 170, PPE category 3, double triangle 1000 V marked
  • Very light green – offers highest visual light transmission according to GS-ET-29 (VLT Class 0) providing maximum light transmittance and colour recognition, under typical working conditions additional lighting may not be required
  • Optically corrected to give a very clear view and reduce fatigue during use
  • Good face coverage in the most compact design
  • Anti-fog coating
  • 2 visor versions: earmuff compatible or with extended ear protection
  • Retractable chinguard certified in combination to protect the neck
  • Certified in combination with V-Gard frames and electrician helmets V-Gard, V-Gard 500 (unvented) and V-Gard 520 (EN397 440 VAC, EN50365, 1000 V) – offering a professional Set