PARALOS S.A. is a highly experienced engineering establishment, enjoying the respect of customers in the Marine, Industrial and Energy markets, not only within Greece but internationally.

Thriving to serve its significant customer base, we have created Paralos Marine & Industry / Supply & Engineering S.A. as a separate entity in order to satisfy the needs of our customers for quality products, services, systems and supplies in the fields of:

• Gas & Alcohol Detectors
• Personal Protection & Personal Equipment
• Inspection, Monitoring & Maintenance Equipment and
• Fire Detection & Protection.

Paralos has established successful cooperation with -and representation of- a number of reputable local and international providers and suppliers and has created the back-office and stock infrastructure necessary to expediently, efficiently and cost-effectively satisfy our customer requirements, even under the most pressing conditions, while our experienced engineering and technical teams are capable of prescribing, designing, supplying, installing and commissioning the most challenging turnkey solutions

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