Ultima® XIR Gas Monitor

The microprocessor-based, infrared Ultima XIR gas detector is precisely engineered to continuously monitor for combustible gases and vapors. The unit features DuraSource Technology, which offers improved IR life, and a HART port for easy output access. The explosion-proof stainless steel monitor works indoors or outdoors and features infrared technology that eliminates the need for frequent calibrations. Its operations are based on dual-wavelength, heated-optics technology, which compensates for temperature, humidity and aging effects. The unit uses only one circuit board for increased reliability, and the sensor life isn’t reduced by exposure to gas. The LCD screen provides scrolling information, while optional quick-check LEDs provide increased visibility.

  • Stainless steel indoor/outdoor monitor features infrared technology
  • Explosion-proof unit also boasts HART, which improves information and provides convenient set-up, calibration and diagnostics
  • Operations compensate for temperature, humidity and aging effects
  • MSA’s patented sensor design allows sensor replacement without declassifying the hazardous area
  • Scrolling LCD screen provides constant flow of information
  • Zero adjustment provides full calibration
  • Optional Carbon Dioxide detection