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Sea Water Treatment Plant Optimisation

EPC Project to Design and Install a System that Removes All Suspended Solids and Disinfects Sea-Water from Microorganisms

Location: Chandarli (Turkey) - Hutchery Station
Client: ILKNAK / NIREUS Group
Year: 2013
  • Design & Detailed engineering
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Performance tests
Sea water was containing high Suspended Solids content with the following characteristics: Input = 1,110 m3/h TSS = 500 mg/l Dmean ≤ 100μm. All Suspended Solids with Dmean ≤ 50μm were removed & sea water was disinfected from micro-organisms. The product stream: 1,100m3/h, 20 mg/l TSS, Dmean ≤ 50μm
Customer Contact: Marios Perifanos
Production Manager