Vautex Elite ET Chemical Suit

Gastight chemical protective clothing protects against solid, liquid, gaseous, or vaporous hazards. Whether in firefighting, civil defense, or general industry, the Vautex Elite suit, together with compressed air breathing apparatus worn inside suit, does just that. This one-piece chemical protective suit offers reliable protection against gases, vapors, solid, and liquid chemicals, infective agents, as well as radio-active contamination. Constructed with elastomer-coated fabric and a multilayer film laminate, Vautex Elite materials have proven themselves in recent years as the optimal solution for repeated use, even in the harshest environments.

  • Large integrated lens reduces overall weight
  • Gas-tight attached and replaceable boots and gloves offer added safety and flexibility
  • High chemical resistance
  • Increased resistance against mechanical stress, flames and low temperatures [-60° C]
  • Push buttons on cover of zipper allow for easy and effective decontamination
  • Integrated transponder provides state-of-art electronic identification of equipment
  • Removable back padding
  • Optional suspender for higher wearing comfort
  • Optional integrated radio pocket
  • Economical trainer version available
  • Life span (with appropriate maintenance and storage and without emergency use) 15 years