V-Gard® Visors for Radiant Heat/Elevated Temperatures

These special V-Gard visors are thick, molded and reflective coated to protect against damage from impact, radiation and heat. The reflective coating reflects at least >60% of InfraRed from the surface of the visor, away from the wearer. Ideal for hot working conditions, such as foundries, steel mills, and blast furnaces.

  • Reflective coating helps reflect IR and dissipate heat.
  • Enhanced reflectance (>60% of IR reflected from the surface of the visor)
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Available in clear and green tint
  • Designed for use with V-Gard Frames
  • Visor with green tint (p/n 10115850) helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue by reducing excessive glare. Not for use where an IR Shade visor is required.
  • Extended length and width for greater coverage of face and neck.*
*Visor may not close fully when worn with earmuffs.