TC 500 Series

Gallet TC 500 Helmets Series are ballistic helmets adapted to different applications:

  • Combat, where gear need to be robust and reliable, and where strategies co-exist with modern technologies and means.
  • Airborne missions, which are complex and require different equipment (free fall jumps, 0₂ equipment, specific wings…).
  • Anti-terrorism & Special Operations, where teams often operate under high ballistic threats. Each team member designs his own and unique configuration of equipment.
  • Intelligence Operations, where the different phases of the missions (infiltration, intelligence gathering and exfiltration) require lightweight and discrete equipment.

The helmets are available in 3 ear cuts and in green, black, or tan with a non-reflective finish.

  • Reduction of ballistic risks:
    • No front holes or screws for NVG support
    • No additional drilling in the shell
    • Low Back Face Deformation (LBFD)
  • Easy customization
    • Quick and easy mounting and dismounting of accessories
    • Assembly of NVG support without specific tooling
    • Side rails remain free for use even when 0₂ mask is attached
  • High compatibility with NVG mounts
    • Enable Wilcox® and Thales® NVG support mounting
    • Enable use of NVG support with straps
  • Easy maintenance
  • High adaptation to specific missions
    • Variety of shapes
    • Different weights and ballistic performances
  • Innovative adjustment device
    • Locking Ratchet (Ajustment wheel, push to unlock).
    • Wide ajustment range