SCBA Accessories

MSA SCBA Accessories support and enhance the protection grade of your equipment, increase your comfort and save time and costs by optimizing your workflows. Even simple appearing enhancements can make a huge difference to increase the chances to survive or to simply free more financial resources for other important investments.

The details of our products show the bandwidth of our experience and empathy for the challenges of your work environment, be it for training, during maintenance and most important, in the real life operations.

Transponder Holders

Our modern and work relieving administration solutions give you an overview of the conditions of all devices and their service intervals. Together with e.g. our MSA TecBOS software you can include your cylinders belatedly in your administration – cost-saving, efficient and safely protected.

  • Silicone ring is heat resistant and protects against impacts
  • Enables easy and time-saving bulk testing, e.g. on the filling panel


Rescue handle for SCBA

Our upgrade rescue handle for SCBA not only makes it easy to transport your SCBA. In an emergency, the helper can also quickly and safely grasp the SCBA at its most resilient part to pull his colleague to safety in an ergonomical position.

  • Easily accessible and high visibility
  • Durable with heat resistant Kevlar (load up to 400 kg)


Protection for Cylinder Valves

Protects exposed parts of your compressed air cylinder which enhances operational safety and avoids costly repairs. The cylinder valve protection was designed to absorb rough and direct impacts. In case of emergency, it relents in order to prevent the risk of getting caught.

  • Design minimizes risk of entanglement between valve and SCBA backplate
  • Durable construction (rugged silicone) minimizes direct impact on cylinder valve and absorbs shocks


Demand Valve Holder

Offers a “parking position” for your lung governed demand valve, ensuring quick access and secure protection during transportation and storage.

  • Lightweight design and durable construction with firm grip on the belt
  • Easy assembly to upgrade existing SCBA
  • Different versions available for AS / AE / ESA / N