Gravity Utility ASTM Harness

Full Body Harness that can be used in a diverse number of applications like: Confined Space, Rescue, Transmission Tower, Telecom Tower, Rope Access, and many others.

Using the Gravity Utility Harness you will also be protected by a fall and in addition the harness has been tested to continue to provide protection when an arc flash occurs.

Attachment options:

  • Front Loops – Fall arrest, suspension, positioning
  • Dorsal – Fall arrest, suspension, positioning, restraint;
  • Shoulder Loops – Suspension, confined space entry;
  • Ventral – Suspension;
  • Waist o Rings – Positioning, restraint;
  • Buckles are easy to adjust and do not slip during use;
  • HI-VIZ® : day and night work, also near public roads with heavy traffic;
  • Built in load indicator or end of service life;
  • Traceability : RFID – located in the label;
  • Worker capacity up to 140kg;

Additional features to ASTM version:

  • Waist and leg padding with flame resistant fabrics using aramid fibers like Kevlar;
  • The reflective tape is flame retardant treated cotton fabric;
  • Buckles and D-Rings that are PVC Coated have an isolation tests 9KV
  • All of the webbing for this harness is made from Nylon, having a minimum static strength of 7000 lbf (as per the requirement by ASTM F887);