Chinstraps for V-Gard Industrial Helmets

Put and keep MSA V-Gard Safety Helmets in their place with adjustable chinstraps in different styles. Two different materials and the selection between 2, 3 or 4 point mounting accommodates the varied conditions of use and working environment.

  • Range of comfortable 2, 3 and 4 point mounted chin straps for use with V-Gard helmets
  • All have been certified in combination with MSA European V-Gard safety helmets, ensuring reliable position, tested in EN 397 for anchorage release to avoid strangulation
  • Easy to attach and remove from the shell thanks to plastic hooks
  • Zebra design using contrast colours for all textile chinstraps: highly visible for better control of the chinstrap use
  • 2 point elastic chinstrap offers flexibility, can be worn on the top of the helmet when not used
  • 2-point textile chinstrap is a basic, reliable solution, easy to adjust
  • 3-point textile chinstrap is fixed with a loop on the ratchet wheel Fas-Trac, which ensures a very stable position of the complete helmet. It is perfectly adapted for work at height and doesn’t interfere with the ear muffs. There are four adjustment options you can use to ensure an individual fit. Even whilst wearing, you can easily re-adjust the chinstrap with the velcro. 3-point chinstrap has same performance than 4-point one according to anchorage test procedure within EN397.
  • 4-point textile chinstrap is compatible with V-Gard 520 (and on request with V-Gard 500) and is good choice when ear muffs are not needed
  • All chinstraps are metal free