3S Mask Accessories

Our full range of accessories ensures that a user wearing the 3S full face mask has a proper fit and can use his equipment under the best conditions, including using spectacles

Available accessories include:

  • mask carrier
  • spectacle kit
  • adhesive protective visors
  • welding adapter
  • mask tightness check device
  • D2055709 Plastic carrier
  • D2055954 Mask spectacles 3S [plastic frame]
  • D2055811 Mask spectacles 3S-M [metal frame]
  • D2055706 Cover lens, self-adhesive [pack of 10]
  • D2055781 Welding adapter (for gas and arc welding) [without lenses]
  • D2055038 Special tool  (to replace exhalation valve and speech diaphragm)
  • D5025920 Breathing tube (to connect a filter to the MSA 3S)
  • D2055753 Suspension hanger for mask [pack of 4], standard thread
  • D2056735 Suspension hanger for mask [pack of 2], M45 x 3
  • D6063705 Mask tightness test kit