Preset: AirMaXX and eXXtreme

For high-frequency and extended SCBA wear, maximum user comfort translates directly into increased performance and good health. TheAirMaXX SCBA preset combines premium ergonomic features with advanced technology to provide the best experience in SCBA wearability available today.
The ergonomically designed and optimally balanced AirMaXX backplate is adjustable to fit all body sizes. This works in conjunction with the premium S-swing shoulder pads and swivelling hip belt to distribute weight evenly while increasing freedom of movement. Stress and fatigue are reduced as you perform your job without restrictions. The AirMaXXstays with you even when you are turned upside down.
The alpha SingleLine pneumatic system integrates warning signal, second connection and gauge in an easily accessible manifold at your shoulder. The optional alpha Personal Network offers further electronic and telemetric monitoring and communication capability.
If you are using your SCBA frequently, for long periods at a time or require absolute concentration in your work, the AirMaXX is the system of choice.

The continuous exposure to flames and heat from recurring hard training takes an especially hard toll on equipment. The eXXtreme preset utilizes special materials to reduce maintenance and cost of ownership of critical components that would otherwise require frequent replacement in such extreme applications.
The harness is made from extra heavy duty and non-flammable aramid fibres. The air line is protected from fire and heat by insulating tunnels on the shoulder pads. With the rapid cylinder exchange coupling alphaCLICK, the cylinder is simply snapped onto the pressure reducer.
Trainers and others who work in repeated high-heat and flame circumstances choose eXXtreme.

1. Intelligent network system

  • Automatic monitor breathing status and surrounding toxic gas concentration;
  • Information exchange between personal and network;
  • Incident Documentation.
2. Click
  • Fast connection between cylinder and reducer, more than 10 times time saving than traditional thread connection.
  • Self-lock, accidental fall off protection.
3. Quick Fill
  • Fast filling, fill a cylinder within 45 seconds.
  • Safe Filling, allow pressured operation
4. Singleline
  • Compare similar air supply system weight decrease 35%;
  • Outlasted more than 200,000 kinking movements;