Piston ring analysis

Results from statistical examinations have shown that 85% of visual checks on piston rings were not necessary because no trouble and no boundary wear of piston rings had occurred.

A continuous monitoring of piston rings by the Piston Ring Analysis module saves time and only gives the alarm in the event of wear or faults the system.

As well as early fault detection the Piston Ring Analysis module is excellent suitable for optimisation of maintenance intervals. One magneto-resistive sensor is installed in the lower part of each cylinder liner.

The effective magnetic mass of piston rings passing the sensor varies according to piston movements and geometry, as well as the number and type of piston rings.

As a result the sensor detects the faults: “burnt-in ring”, “broken ring” and “missing ring”. When the sensor is combined with special piston rings (i.e. ceramic coating ), the condition of ring wear can be detected.