First Device featuring PRISM Technology
DOT Approved
US Coast Guard Approved
Accuracy: +/- 0.01 at 0.10 g/dL (%BAC)
Oxide Semiconductor
3-Digit LCD Results Display


Retail case (Basic Pack) houses the Prestige in a plastic molding, along with accessories. The Full Pack (pictured) features a sturdy, re-inforced ABS exterior hard case with a thickly padded interior for superior protection of the Prestige and accessories.


Prestige Breathalyzer
User’s Manual
Carrying Pouch
2 x AA Batteries
5 x Mouthpieces
Pre-Installed PRISM component (Sensor Module)
Full Pack additionally includes Exterior Hard Case

  • MODEL: AlcoMate Prestige
  • ALCOHOL SENSOR: Oxide Semiconductor
  • SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 4.75 x 2.5 x 1.5 in
  • WEIGHT: 1.0000 oz
  • MATERIAL: ABS Molding
  • USERS: Commercial, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Pro-consumers
  • POWER: 2 x Standard 1.5V AA (Included)
  • DETECTION RANGE: 0.000 – 0.400% BAC (G/DL)
  • DISPLAY: 3-Digit LED
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year
  • RECALIBRATION NEEDED: Sensor module must be replaced every 200 tests or at least once yearly, whichever comes first.