The software module TecBOS.Command is an information and communication system for incident managers. It has been especially designed for the management of disaster areas and for extraordinary events of all kinds. The automatic monitoring of deployed resources is supported through the respiratory protection monitoring system, either by telemetric or conventional means.

TecBOS.Command, amongst other functions, provides support for operational control through the automated management, documentation and communication of the incident. All processes are automatically recorded and managed in the incident log. The module “emergency simulation trainer” helps to optimise incident planning and tactics. Other available functions support public relations tasks and the post-incident analysis of events.

The interactive tactical map with integrated record and playback functions for example, provides a complete visualisation of events taking place on the ground.

Enjoy the advantages TecBOS.Command MAP offers you for your own individual challenges:

TecBOS.Command MAP Basic

TecBOS.Command MAP Basic is included in our product bundle Command.Basic. Command.Basic includes three CUL Command.Standard and one non-upgradeable user’s license for Command.MAP Basic. This provides access to the proven basic functions for static map and image material without the extended Command.MAP features.

TecBOS.Command MAP

Tactical map management system for using static map and image material as the basis of tactical view in small to medium size command centres. Extensive character functions and automated documentation mode. Import of existing image data and simple geodata during operation. TecBOS.Command MAP is the intuitive entry-level system, easy to use in any operational situation.

TecBOS.Command MAP GS

The georeferenced high-end tactical map management system as the basic system for integrating professional card and image material. Unique processing features and visualisation options. Prepared for integration of internal and external data sources (for example hazardous material propagation models, weather models and GPS location data for operating resources, etc.). Data backup and data presentation as high-quality tactical film. The correct manufacturer-specific integration interface (runtime) is required to be able to use the desired map material. also needs the appropriate interface to display the map material in Command MAP GS.

Includes network-capable Streaming Client Viewer to display the tactical view at any number of workplaces on the network or via the Internet, provided the client has the necessary options.

  • Complete automation of disaster incident management, documentation, and communication
  • Automatic recording and incident log management
  • Supports PR tasks and post-incident event analysis
  • Interactive tactical map provides complete event visualization
  • Simulation trainer helps optimize incident planning and tactical response