Storage and Transportation

We at MSA have designed your equipment to withstand the most severe environmental hazards, to ensure it is protecting you at all times. Therefore it is worth to also keep your equipment clean and ready for use while storing or transporting it under protected conditions to the point of action. Our standard hard-cover cases fulfils all important basic needs to protect your equipment during transport and storage.

Design Features (depending on product)

  • Room for one fully equipped SCBA with one or two 6.8l cylinder including mounted mask with demand valve and additional equipment e.g. like the monitoring devices of the alpha Personal Network
  • Simply and safely stackable with design integrated snap points on front and back side
  • Dedicated smooth outside areas for stickers and individual labelling


Stable and Rugged Construction (depending on product)

  • Robust and UV stable plastic shells
  • Metal buckles and inherently stable hinge-joints
  • Big handles for usage with gloves
  • Stable standing feet
  • Integrated sealing frame to block rough dust or splash water