OptimAir® 3000 Accessories

A wide variety of accessories is available to suit your own custom requirements. Choose from our complete assortment of full face masks, hoods and visors to meet your individual specifications. full compatibility of all accessories wide range of approved headpieces

  • Full compatibility of all accessories
  • Wide range of approved headpieces
  • Face pieces, e.g. full face masks, hoods, visors, are automatically recognized and the system is ready for use instantly.
  • D6181976   OptiBelt Decon
  • 10032100   OptimAir Mask Carrying Strap
  • 10037238   OptimAir Mask Cover Lenses clear [pack of 10] Advantage 3000
  • 10037237   OptimAir Mask Cover Lenses tinted [pack of 10] Advantage 3000
  • 10037282   OptimAir Mask Spectacles Kit Advantage 3000