MarPrime and MarPrime Ultra Cylinder Pressure Handheld Devices

The MarPrime system from Maridis GmbH is a simple, userfriendly device for measuring cylinder pressure. It is designed to measure and analyse the combustion process of 2- and 4-stroke marine diesel engines and for stationary power plants. It offers the potential to gauge all the engines in your machine room and draw up well-founded diagnostic reports quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

The MarPrime system uses a “high performance electric pressure transducer of well proven design” which allows the cylinder pressure to be measured very accurately. With the MarPrime hand-held device you have a “one-hand / one-person” tool which quickly and easily collects and records the full range of engine performance data.

  • Mobile Device-> No Need Of Any Pick-Up Sensor Or Encoder
  • For 2 & 4 Stroke Engines
  • Dynamical TDC Calculation
  • Accurate Power Calculation
  • High Accurate Cylinder Pressure Sensor
  • Easy Handling
  • Measuring At Every Engine
  • Self-Explanatory Evaluation Software
  • With USB and network connector
  • Engine Diagnostic Far Beyond Cylinder Pressure
  • with dynamic TDC correction
  • no additional installation of pick-up sensors or crankshaft position transmitters is required

Additional Ultra Sonic Diagnostic

  • Determine Injection Timing
  • Determine Valve Timing
  • Determine Valve Leakages