alphaCONTROL 2

The MSA alphaCONTROL 2 software is part of the alpha Personal Network respiratory protection monitoring system, which consists of modular and wireless components.
alphaCONTROL 2 facilitates an electronic, and optionally telemetric respiratory monitoring. The new software significantly improves entry control monitoring and is an adequate replacement for conventional tally boards.
All the details of a classic monitoring system are integrated. Monitoring the air supply of the individual user as well as the measurements and alarms of portable gas measuring devices increases the security.

Complete monitoring
alphaCONTROL 2 attaches great importance on the presentation of the situation-relevant information.
The newly interpreted interaction concept allows the user to have the best possible understanding of the particular situations.
The respiratory protective device user has an exact overview of the air supply situation of the emergency services – based on the information from alphaSCOUT and optionally ALTAIR 5X W-USB, multi-gas detector.

Reliable & versatile monitoring
The type of presentation supports the user to operate with freely scalable team levels in each kind of respiratory protection use and still maintain the overview at all times. The application permanently assesses the information which is available and presents the respective critical value of a team in real time. The officer-in-charge even has direct access to the individual pressure levels of all team members.

Central monitoring – decentralised managed

alphaCONTROL 2 supports Windows XP/7/8/8.1. In the network, alphaCONTROL 2 uses existing structures to share the hardware interfaces, therefore, e.g., it is possible to connect several systems together and guarantee a central monitoring of all device wearers and to fulfil the individual escalation levels.

  • Clear overview on crew-status due to real time information about pressure and measuring data
  • Team driven monitoring approach increases efficient safety
  • Mesh network functionality, to drive monitoring within infrastructure
  • Independence of hardware and software interface
  • Individual selection of displayed time value during monitoring for reliable monitoring for additional assistance to the officer-in-charge
    • Remaining service time
    • Count down from selected value (reverse timer)
    • Count up from 1st recognized breathing pressure
  • Each user interaction is automatically recorded as movie and can be replayed for documentation and training purpose
  • Reports are created on click within seconds
  • Quick access to functionality with or without login increases availability
  • Different cylinder types and alarm thresholds can be individually set, reliable and versatile monitoring
  • Mobile monitoring of accountability data with any available Windows tablet PC
  • alpha Personal Network monitoring support – accountability data streaming
  • Multiple Windows operating system support with touch/pen/mouse input capabilities
  • Simple system with upgrade possibility low investment costs
  • Full substitute to tally boards, all details of a classic accountability system are captured