alphaCLICK High Pressure Coupling System

alphaCLICK is the high pressure coupling system for very simple and rapid connection of compressed air cylinders to the pressure reducer. Now enhanced with new safety features on adapter and coupling.

SPEED – allows changing cylinders at ten times the speed of normal threading
SAFETY – unique flow restrictor in the cylinder adapter avoids uncontrolled air flow and the safety release  in the coupling is a two-step disconnection sequence to avoid unintended opening.
VERSATILITY – approved for and fits on all 200 bar or 300 bar standard threaded cylinder valves, on all AirMaXX, AirGo and BD96 SCBAs and on filling panels

alphaCLICK – Filling Coupling
  • Allows cylinders to be taken off the SCBA and attached to a filling panel within seconds
  • Existing filling panels can be easily retrofitted
  • Available as complete kits with coupling, cylinder adaptor and bushings for common outlets and blind plug, for 200bar or 300bar
  • The check valve is a new safety feature for filling couplings which drastically limits the air stream in case of unintentional opening
  • Both Standard and Filling Coupling already provide a basic three stage safety mechanism