alphaBELT rescue and holding belt

alphaBELT is a sleek and durable rescue and holding belt, that can be easily integrated into your MSA SCBA. With its multiple functions, the revolutionary alphaBELT eases your everyday work as a first responder. Besides restraining and positioning, it may offer you the last resort – a quickly accessible and safe rescue seat for self-rappelling in an emergency.

Fast, Intuitive and Versatile Usability 

  • alphaBELT Pro with lanyard and carabiner allows certified opportunity for self-rappelling with an MSA SCBA
  • Ergonomic rescue seat facilitates upright position and secures user against slipping through while lifting arms
  • alphaBELT Lanyard provides length adjustment for restraining between 170 and 45 cm
  • Flexible usability due to easily demountable lanyard, that can also be used separately as anchor point or rescue loop
  • In smoky environments the lanyard can be a reliable contact to your colleague
  • Front loop serves as connection point for carabiner on RIT bag
  • Additional approved equipment can be stowed on the belt


Outstanding Safety and Comfort Level

  • Reliable and safe positioning with lanyard between two D-rings and anchor object
  • High-contrast and reflector components for high visibility and quick access in low light and easy and reliable control during inspection
  • Lanyard can be stowed away in protecting pouch on the back to eliminate risk of getting caught
  • Tri-Lock carabiner type and 3-point safety buckle prevent accidental opening
  • Belt webbing is permanently resistant to heat, flame-resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Quick release connection buckles for SCBA integration